Friday, July 4, 2014

The way the new Android OS upgrade

First make sure the buddy gadgets to access internet smoothly, it is intended that the upgrade process will be smooth and uninterrupted.

Then my friend the gadget should backup the existing data to a PC or laptop, so if there is a mistake or error data is not lost. 

Also make sure that the mobile buddy gadget has full power or batteries are full and part microSD memory space where pal gade = get enough to put the data downloaded.  

After researching the above then the install process by allowing the mobile device to the flame on the main screen or home. 

select the "settings" and then select "About Phone" then "System Update" 

After that Wait a minute, let your phone update process checks the latest, if there is a message there says "Up To Date"  

Then select Install or Download and pal mobile gadget will automatically download the file - the file is needed. 

With so automatically install process will take place and in the process will restart the phone buddy gadget first. 

With the phase 8 friends - friends gadgets easy - hopefully being able to smoothly upgrade the OS ever with the latest os, may be useful easy way to upgrade the latest version of Android OS

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